Inet2 (AS25478)

Innovative scheme for obtaining IP-transit, simultaneous connection to several Tier1 without transit AS, also includes all W-ix traffic.

W-IX (AS50384)

W-IX – international Internet exchange network, where the world biggest IX’s, content generators and ISP’s are united. The peering connectivity provides the shortest routes without transit AS from any point of presence in 30 cities in Russia and Europe.

FullView (AS25478)

Classic IP Transit carrier-grade service that provides interconnection between the customer’s IP network and the global internet.

Ethernet & VPN

The implementation of the service is possible in any types of network topology from virtual point-to-point channel between two sites to Fullmesh “everyone with each” connection.

Telecom Leasing

Leasing, colocation and support of Equipment in datacenters in Russia and Europe.

Optical lambdas

Fixed non-routable point-to-point 10 or 100 Gbit links on the selected wavelength over the fiber optic network.